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The Ultimate Guide to Best Products That Help to Prevent, Stop and Reverse Hair Loss

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

As a Certified Hair Loss and Alopecia Specialist and Hair Loss Specialist Coach for barbers and stylists wishing to help more people with this problem, I have unfortunately noticed hair thinning and hair loss becoming more prevalent. I have been in the haircare industry for more than 35 years and I need people to know that it can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race or where in the world a person resides.

According to research, at least 60% of the adult population will face significant hair loss at some point. Fortunately, a person does not have to live with hair loss if they don’t want to. Thanks to advanced research and technology and Hair Loss Specialists like myself, professionals are now armed with targeted knowledge of certain products, tools and techniques that can help prevent, slow, stop and reverse hair thinning and hair loss.

I help clients locally at Designers Hair Studio & Hair Growth Center in Marietta, Georgia with customized treatment plans, customized styling and hair replacement options such as extensions, crochet weave, micro links, protective styling, custom undetectable hair pieces for men and women and medical wigs. I also help people globally with virtual consultations, coaching and courses.

Here I will share some of my favorite products that help prevent and halt hair loss as well as promote hair growth. Why have the products I recommend become my favorites? The main reason is I know they work. People have used the products I am recommending and achieved outstanding results when used properly and over an extended period of time.

To achieve the best results patience is very important. If possible it is also a good idea to work with a hair loss specialist. A good hair loss specialist will help monitor results over time. They will also know when and if to adjust a treatment plan and when it might be beneficial to see a medical doctor. If you would like to work with a Hair Loss Specialist in your area but can’t find one, fill out the contact form on the Designers Hair Studio & Hair Loss Center website and we can make a referral from someone in our network to help.

Some people want instant results although they may have been experiencing hair loss over a period of several years. That frame of thinking is not reasonable and may cause a person to lose hope because they aren’t getting the results they expected as quickly as they would like. Hair loss is like any other medical condition. The sooner detection and treatment begins the better chance there is of a positive outcome. Although it is not uncommon to achieve amazing results after years of experiencing hair loss.

Another determining factor in achieving a positive outcome and reversing hair loss is having someone like myself guide you through the process.

If a person has questions about their hair or the products I recommend, myself or a staff member regularly answer questions submitted through the contact form on our website or when they sign up on our members app.

For those that want more information I recommend the Heal Your Hair e-book on the website.


Hair loss and hair thinning are common problems that require unique solutions. If ignored, these problems potentially only get worse and impact a persons confidence. To avoid the possibility of hair loss or the worsening of the condition, try adding these products to your daily hair care routine and improve the quality of your hair.

Check out the products below

This proprietary blend of nutritional supplements provides nutrients for optimal hair growth for many types of alopecia. It is recommended for hard to grow hair and is one of our better sellers due to its ability to improve hair growth due to its ability to improve and repair hair, skin and nails at the cellular level.

This DHT blocking proprietary formula is designed for daily use. The growth stimulator feeds hair follicles with essential nutrients to promote hair growth, block DHT, prevent and reverse shrinking hair follicles and reduce scalp inflammation.

The shampoo is a game changer and is commonly used whether or not a person is experiencing hair loss. Replenish and Growth Shampoo developed by Growth By Design helps promote scalp blood circulation and stimulate anagen follicle growth. It also strengthens the hair, helps the hair feel thicker, fuller and more vibrant in a very short amount of time. This shampoo also hydrates hair and scalp and raises moisture levels which is great for the naturalistas. This shampoo pairs well with the Growth By Design Replenish and Grow Conditioner.

The Replenish and grow conditioner by Growth By Design is a perfect compliment to the Replenish and Grow Shampoo. This amazing formula adds superior strength, fullness and extraordinary shine to hair. It effectively reduces breakage, split ends, hair thinning and hair loss while promoting hair growth. It is also an excellent detangler.

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