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About Out StyleToGrow Services

Stylish yet protective looks that nurture and foster natural hair growth is the cornerstone of our StyleToGrow natural hair care services.  


As one of the only hair studios in Marietta, GA, whose staff is highly trained and obtains decades of experience in black hair care, we offer the latest trends, techniques, and products in natural hair care to give you the most advanced service available.  


For new clients, your initial StyleToGrow service will include a one-on-one consultation, during which one of our natural hair care experts will determine the condition of your hair and scalp, suggest solutions to any problems, and find out exactly what shape, color, and style you want.


Additionally, you will be provided customized at-home prescriptions to help prevent breakage from DIY care.  This includes recommended oils and moisturizers for your unique natural hair texture and overall condition, along with recommended vitamins and other remedies to foster continuous hair growth. Our natural hair care experts will also give you advice on protective styling for weaves and extensions if needed.


Signature StyleToGrow

○ Big Chops
○ Twisted & Braided Styles
○ Loose Natural Styles
○ Crochet hair extensions
○ Sew in hair extensions
○ Locs
○ Loc Extensions
○ Interlock hair extensions

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