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Men And Hair Loss~Causes And Solutions

It is reported that by age 35 at least 45% of men will experience hair loss, and by age 50 , more than 75% of men experience some level of hair loss. Causes of hair loss in men could stem from poor diet, illness, medication or genetics. One of the most common causes of hair loss in men stem from a genetic condition called male pattern or androgenic alopecia (hair loss). It is a genetic condition caused by the conversion or breakdown of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As men age they typically have less testosterone and more free flowing DHT in the body. This is part of the reason we see more more of this condition as people age. The decline in testosterone also causes a decrease in muscle mass and lower energy levels for men.


The beginning of androgenic hair loss begins with free flowing DHT throughout the body. Some of those DHT molecules will settle in the base of hair follicles, fitting like puzzle pieces. This essentially blocks blood flow of blood to the base of the hair follicle, blocking most or all vital nutrients and oxygen from reaching the hair follicle over time. This action causes shorter, finer and eventually fewer hairs. Sometimes leading to baldness.



As an Award Winning Beauty Expet, Beauty Educator, Certified Hair loss Specialist, Hair Restoration Specialist, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and owner of a Certified Hair Loss Clinic I work with other beauty and medical professionals to implement and recommend many treatments and styling solutions that can prevent, stop and reverse hair loss. The key to preventing advanced hair loss is catching it in it's early stages. That is one of the major reasons I started training beauty professionals to become Certified Hair Loss Specialists.

Too many people were experiencing advanced hair loss when it could have been stopped and reversed in it's early stages. The training I provide beauty professionals helps them to transform lives one head at a time. Helping them to understand that experencing hair loss can be very traumatic for some people.

Some of the most common treatments for male pattern hair loss include medical grade light therapy, ultrasound therapy, DHT blocker topicals and supplements and minoxidil to name a few. The treatment solutions are many and can usually be applied or administered by a reliable Hair Loss Specialist. As a Hair Loss Specialist I have many tools at my disposal to help men experiencing hair loss whether they want to try and grow their hair back (which is possible in most cases but takes time) or try a non-surgical hair replacement option (which yields much more immediate results).

Since hair loss has been known to affect the confidence of some men, even to the point of producing some level of anxiety and depression, providing non-surgical hair replacent options for men is a gratifying and rewarding tool I use as a professional. Non-surgical hair replacement options for men can transform a mans appearance making him appear younger and much more vital in a very short period of time. Toupee's, toppers and afro man weaves are some of the options used to transform a man's apearance no matter the level of hair loss. A good hair system should be undetectable and depending on the material it is made of (of which there are many) can last a year or more with proper care. A good hair resoration or non-surgical hair replacement specialist will customize each unit to fit each person perfectly and help an individual to choose the the best hair color, texture and base material to to fit a person's lifestyle and budget.

For questions comments or concerns contact:

Carla Byrd-Platt

Certified Hair Loss Specialist

Certified Non-Surgical Hair loss Specialist

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Owner of Certified Hair Loss Clinic Designers Hair Studio & Hair GrowthCenter

1001 Whitlock Avenue

Marietta, Georgia 30064

Click the link and scroll to bottom of page to schedule a virtual or in person hair loss consultation or to fill out the contact form for questions, comments or concerns or order hair growth products.


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