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Daily Use Growth Proteins

Daily Use Growth Proteins


GROWTH FACTOR DAILY SERUM is an incredibly effective solution
for thinning hair due to its powerful combination of 6 different
types of Growth Factor Proteins. This growth therapy serum has a
growth factor concentration of 24,000 ng/ml. 

Developed with an understanding and respect for the complex nature of growth factors and
their stability, custom bottles were created with two chambers; separating the serum from the growth factor protein powder. By keeping the 2 ingredients seperate we can guarantee 99.9% purity.

Growth Factor Hair Serum is a non-chemical product and does not have the high level of side effects associated with other hair loss treatment options.

It works incredibly well when used in conjunction with Factor G6 Professional (applied by Professionals), in support of hair follicle rejuvenation and after hair transplant surgery. It can be used conveniently on its own at home too. Growth Factor Hair Serum also includes:

  • 21 kinds of amino acids;
  • Vitamin B complex which provides hair follicles with a boost of energy to help the growing process;
  • Glutathione – a detoxifying agent which cleanses the hair follicles of Coenzymes;
  • Minerals like Zinc, AHK-Cu and Magnesium and others to improve the health of your hair; and
  • Anti-oxidants
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