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This May Soud Radical But"Get Enough Sleep Or Risk Losing It All! Hair Loss, Health, Relationships And So Much More Are All Tied To Getting Enough Sleep.

I hope you learn something new in this post as we explore the importance of getting enough sleep.

As a Certified Hair Loss Specialist I am always looking for ways to improve the probability of clients getting the best results possible when it comes to improving hair health and growth. As A Certified Health Coach & Consultant I am able to better help those experiencing hair loss by taking into consideration their overall health and lifestyle and linking that information to their hair and scalp analysis and assessment.

In this article I will explore how sleep is important to our entire wellbeing including our hair.

Did You Know???

Did you know that sleep affects brain health, emotional well-being, hair health, weight, mental clarity, relationships and more?

The average adult should get 7-9 hours of sleep.

While the body is at rest it goes into repair mode, repairing cells, bodily systems and growing hair. The immune system is being optimized, toxins and fat cells are made to be more easily removed from the body, memory and brain function is being enhanced helping the brain operate more efficiently among many other things.

When we get adequate rest we become much more efficient, we have better focus and mental clarity, we lose weight easier, we get sick less often, we are less stressed and cranky, children when they get adequate rest are better behaved, we become more creative and solve problems faster due to what takes place in the brain and the rest of the body.

Sleep More, Stress Less And Improve Relationships And Mental Health

Stress is a major cause of hair loss and as mentioned earlier sleep can affect a person's mood and how they deal with stress. So much so that the mentalh health Foundation determined that people who didn't get enough sleep were 4 times more likely to have relationship problems and 3 times more likely to be depressed than people who got adequate sleep.

Not Getting Adequate Rest Can Become A Vicious Cycle

Melatonin is a hormone which helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle facilitating quality restful sleep. It is produced as we sleep which means when a person doesn't get enoug sleep over extended periods of time their body won't produce adequte amounts to help get the quality sleep needed for the body to function optimally. Thus.....the viscious cycle.

Melatonin also helps to regulate hair growth and keeping hair follicles in the growth phase. How this works isn't yet fully understood.

Some Quick An Easy Ways To Get Better Sleep That I Highly Recommend

  • Put your phone away 30 minutes before bedtime

  • Exercise on a regular basis-Avoid exercising 2-3 hours before bedtime

  • Make your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary

  • Establish a sleep schedule and stick to it

  • Don't drink caffein or alcohol 3 hours before bedtime

  • Try not to eat a heavy meal before bed. Heavy meals before bedtime prevent the body from going into complete rest mode

  • Create a bedtime routine that helps you relax and wind down

Your bedtime routine could invlove taking a warm shower or bath before bed, reading, doing meditation and deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, journaling, brain dumping or using a planner and planning for the following day. Whatever fits your personality and lifestyle and helps you wind down, do that.

If you don't figure out what works best at first, be patient. You will find your rhythm and what works best eventually, especially if you dont give up.




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