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The Belly Fat Hair Loss Connection

Updated: May 15, 2023

As a Hair Loss Specialist and Health and Wellness Coach I am always looking for the underlying reason a person may be experiencing hair loss. Since I take a more wholistic approach to hair loss I have to learn about about a persons lifestyle, how they are managing their lifestyle, work life, how they are managing work life, medical history, family medical history, current medical condition, recent lab results, medications and more. One of my consultation assessment forms which a person fills out before they arrive for an in person meeting or prior to our virtual meeting is more than 6 pages long and when I meet with a client I generally have many more questions to ask. Although the questions can get very personal, most people are willing to do whatever is necessary to find a solution to their problem.

Taking the wholistic approach to hair loss led me to also begin health and wellness coaching to get the best results for clients. I not only wanted better hair for clients but a better body and life overall. Using this approach works wonders for the whole person. The results have been no less than amazing and great for the entire family. Not only do I work with clients but I also work with their physicians and other medical professionals to help achieve optimal results.

Upon reading this article you will understand why I believe my approach works and helps a person get their hair and body on the right side of health.

The Belly Fat, Hair Loss Connection---STRESS AND CORTISOL

It is widely known that stress can be a major contributing factor of hair loss and bodily disease and dysfunction.

But did you also know that chronic stress has been linked to the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. Studies have shown that cortisol stimulates the storage of fat in visceral adipose tissue, which is the fat that surrounds organs in the abdominal cavity. This type of fat is particularly dangerous because it has been linked to the development of metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular and blood vessel disease.

Although there are many causes of hair loss, stress itself can cause hair loss in several ways. One of the primary ways is by disrupting the normal hair growth cycle and causing more hair than normal to fall out and enter the resting phase prematurely and for a longer than normal period of time. Stress can also trigger an abnormal autoimmune response causing the immune system to attack the hair follicles eventually leading to hair loss which can lead to clean bald patches or cause the hair to appear wispy, fine and lifeless. In addition to these conditions, stress can also contribute to hair loss by causing hormonal imbalances and affecting overall hair health. As stated earlier, stress can increase levels of the hormone cortisol, which can not only contribute to belly fat but also lead to reduced nutrient absorption and decreased blood flow to the scalp. Both reduced nutrient absorption and decreased blood flow to the scalp can contribute to hair loss.

To mitigate the negative effects of stress, inflammation in the body, belly fat and hair loss I have developed The Detox & De-Stress 30 Day Health Challenge which now has a 90 day and 180 day option. It's a fun, interactive, easy way to incorporate and adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and stress-management techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. Its's all done virtually from the comfort of your own home (if you prefer) and at your own pace.

Included in the program are daily positive affirmations, fitness tips, healthy recipes, meditations, healthy food list, interviews with experts to provide information and encouragement and a members only group where we can meet to ask questions, cheer each other on, track progress and share information with each other.

We work together as I help get your hair and your body on the right side of health!

If you are interested in this program or more information on your individual situation click the link and fill out the contact form, send a direct message or reply to email.

Get Ready,

Registration opens soon!

Individual health plans will also soon be available.

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